Programmatic Advertising

What It Is

Programmatic advertising is an automated bidding on an advertising directory in real time so that users can see customized ads in a specific context.  

This type of advertising is highly effective and highly customizable and is sure to bring significant amount of traffic to your site. 

How It Works

When anyone clicks on the page that has a space for an ad that is configured for programmatic advertising, the publisher of the space puts up an ad impression for auction in the ad marketplace. The ad marketplace then runs an auction among advertisers who would like to have their ad displayed on that page for that particular user 

 All this happens automatically as the highest amount each advertiser is willing to bid has been pre-programmed in advance. The auction takes milliseconds while the user is loading the page they want to see, thus making this type of advertising is the fastest way of bidding for an ad spot. 


The Benefits

  • The potential of reaching more users and in real time 
  • Not limited to Google, like Google AdWords is 
  • Provides advertisers direct access to the vendor-neutral Real Time Bidding ecosystem 
  • Can show display ads across media devices, thus making it very agile and proactive 
  • Allows for real-time bidding and for the up to the minute statistics 
  • Has almost limitless targeting options and the capability to better interpret customer data 

How Get-Clicked Can Help You

We will develop a custom bidding strategy to make sure you reach more customers compared to more traditional marketing methods

We will define the most suitable highest bidding amount so that your marketing budget is used efficiently

We will capitalize on our technology to provide you with user-friendly Real Time reporting

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